Legal Information

Risik Disclosure

Both the Financial Institutions Act (FinIA) and the Financial Services Act (FinSA) have applied since 1 January 2020. With the introduction of FinIA, independent asset managers were also placed under supervision.

The FinSA contains rules of conduct that financial service providers must observe vis-à-vis their customers. This involves information obligations regarding the risks involved in trading with financial instruments.

MarFinance AG fully complies with these duties of disclosure. They were summarised by the Swiss Bankers Association «SwissBanking» in the brochure «Risks Involved in Trading Financial Instruments».

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Ombudsman's Office

If, following a written complaint to the company, a conflict arises that cannot be settled bilaterally, you can turn to the ombudsman's office. 
The aim of the ombudsman's office is to reach an agreement between the parties in a neutral and independent manner. 
The services of the ombudsman's office are generally inexpensive or even free of charge and are offered in German, French, Italian and English. 
We are affiliated with the ombudsman's office below:
Financial Services Ombudsman (FINSOM)
Avenue de la gare 45
1920 Martigny